General: HTML5 and CSS3

Shinra Labs is experimenting with features from HTML5 coding and CSS3. If you wish to take advantage of these features, the optimal browser to use is Google Chrome. We definitely recommend Google Chrome for use on the Shinra Labs network.

With Google Chrome, you get a new scrollbar. Say goodbye to the plain, old, boring scrollbar and hello thin, no-arrow, scrollbar. It works like the regular scrollbar, use the Up and Down arrow keys, the scrollwheel, Home and End keys, PageUp (PgUp) and PageDown (PgDn) keys, or Spacebar (to page down) or Shift+Spacebar (to page up). You can even click on the thin track to scroll, or click and drag that scrollbar up and down the track.
Not only can you get this new scrollbar on our site, but we animated the ¤ to change colors, to add a little flair to the site.

Mozilla Firefox is still as stingy as ever and won't let you conveniently change the default scrollbar, you can't even color it. It's also become a little slow overall, and if you want to surf the network fast, you won't get it from this browser. But at least the animated ¤ works.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). While the animation of the ¤ doesn't work, at least we can change the color of the scrollbar so it doesn't look ugly on our layout. If you're on Windows and you don't want to use any other browser, we'd recommend going to IE9 if you haven't already (if your Windows version supports it).

Keep an eye out for new features as we keep testing HTML5 and CSS3, then rolling them out to the site.

Posted by Vashnik of Shinra :: 2012-01-09 22:09:23 CST


Time to change layouts.

Hope you like this one.

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