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This month, I have created two programs.
One of which is an Al Bhed Translator, built entirely from scratch and does not require an internet connection. The only thing that could be called "used" would be the Al Bhed alphabet developed by Square-Enix, essentially just a basic cryptic language.

The second, using the idea of the Al Bhed Translator I made, I created a cryptic text editor that upon saving or printing, switches the characters you typed in the text box with characters defined within the program, and writes the new message to the text file (upon saving) or the new message when printing. If the saved file is opened in another text editor, the message will appear garbled or like gibberish, but will appear normal when opened in my program. There is no current practical use for this program at this time, except for passing cryptic messages. With the development of this program, this could lead a path for Shinra Labs to follow in developing software. Should this program be released, it will most likely be sold (without source code) instead of released as a free program.

As with all software developed by Shinra Labs, you may not redistribute without my permission. This is to control where it gets downloaded as official sources, to decrease the likeliness of virus infected versions being passed around. If you don't download the software from the official source, you increase the chances of getting infected with malicious software. Especially from sources like MegaUpload, MediaFire, RapidShare, etc.

Posted by Vashnik of Shinra :: 2011-06-15 23:32:38 CDT


Time to change layouts.

Hope you like this one.

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