About Shinra Labs

This site was created by Vashnik on January 2, 2008.
Shinra Labs aims to provide hosting for browser-based games, discussion boards (aka forums), blogs, guild or clan sites, and file storage. We also provide email services. Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo emails always blocked from registering at your favorite sites? Get an @shinra.us email address.
We also wish to develop small-scale games for your enjoyment. We develop in PHP, C#, HTML, and CSS. We also use Game Maker XP for easy Role Play Game development.

* Restrictions apply. Graphics and videos may not contain any pornography, all files must not contain any malicious code. This includes web-based files. Emails must not be used to send spam. Programs must not contain malicious code.

Posted by Vashnik


Time to change layouts.

Hope you like this one.

About The Site

Name: Shinra Labs
Born: Janurary 2, 2008
Age: 10 Years
Founder: Vashnik


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