General: Shinra Labs on Social Networking

Shinra Labs is on Facebook now (since June 30, 2011) and now the official Facebook Page for Shinra Labs.
The Twitter Account for Shinra Labs is now registered. Feel free to follow @ShinraLabs

You can find out what social networking sites we are officially at Here and view the tweet feed too.

Posted by Vashnik of Shinra :: 2011-07-21 16:23:06 CDT

Server: IRC Server

Shinra Labs now has an IRC server.
You can connect using one these addresses. All three addresses connect to the same server.
Server: / /
Port: 6667 (default in mIRC)
Feel free to connect to the server.

  • Internet Explorer users might be able to connect by click one of the addresses above. (Currently untested on a machine without customization for "irc://" protocol support)
  • Firefox 4.x users can connect clicking on those links. If you have not associated the "irc://" protocol in Firefox, the browser will prompt you to select an application. You may see your Mibbit and other IRC client applications that are installed on your computer. Use the one you are most comfortable with. (Windows 7 tested)
  • Safari 5.x may automatically open your default IRC client, if you have one. (Windows 7 tested)
  • Google Chrome 12.x may or may not prompt you about launching a program to handle the "irc://" protocol.

Looking for an IRC client? Click to

Posted by Vashnik of Shinra :: 2011-06-29 20:31:38 CDT

Software: Software Development

This month, I have created two programs.
One of which is an Al Bhed Translator, built entirely from scratch and does not require an internet connection. The only thing that could be called "used" would be the Al Bhed alphabet developed by Square-Enix, essentially just a basic cryptic language.

The second, using the idea of the Al Bhed Translator I made, I created a cryptic text editor that upon saving or printing, switches the characters you typed in the text box with characters defined within the program, and writes the new message to the text file (upon saving) or the new message when printing. If the saved file is opened in another text editor, the message will appear garbled or like gibberish, but will appear normal when opened in my program. There is no current practical use for this program at this time, except for passing cryptic messages. With the development of this program, this could lead a path for Shinra Labs to follow in developing software. Should this program be released, it will most likely be sold (without source code) instead of released as a free program. Click to Read More...

Posted by Vashnik of Shinra :: 2011-06-15 23:32:38 CDT

General: Hosting and Email

Shinra Labs is offering web hosting and email services.

Web hosting includes:

  • 100 MB space
  • 1 FTP account. Choose your username and password.
  • PHP 5 - Great for users using WBB 3 or WBB Lite 2
  • 1 Database (PostgreSQL 8 or MySQL 5)
  • No Forced Ads - You can put ads on your site when and however you want it.
  • optional - Make your site a subdomain name:
  • optional - Email address (using the same FTP Account information)
  • optional - Database backups are available upon request.
  • promotional - If I visited your site and sent a PM offering space to relieve your bandwidth, send a copy of your PM in an email and get even more space. Just include the amount of space you wish to add. (No more than 500 MB of additional space).

Email services include:
  • 1 Personal Email Address ( ) - Ideal for users who just want an email that isn't targeted by spam.
  • 100 MB - Without spam, you won't have to worry about space. Should you need more space, just ask.
  • Free POP3 or IMAP access. Get the information when you sign up.

How do I get any of these services? Click to Read More...

Posted by Vashnik of Shinra :: 2009-12-10 00:10:39 CST

Forum: WBB 3 Update

Alright, here is the deal. I started the update for WBB 3 a few days ago, but I interrupted the update and it corrupted the forum software. So needless to say, we are running a new install (don't worry the database was backed up). I will not, however, be importing any of the data. One of the reasons for this is because that it might ruin the fresh install's data in the database, because it would add old (and no longer installed) addons. Another reason is that some of the plugins were no longer able to update because the update on the update server were corrupted ones.

But in this move, more plugins have become available and all the addons that are installed are not corrupted ones. Plus, you get to see more themes from just the fresh install (plus a FREE commercial theme compliments to Woltlab) as I had a voucher for one premium addon. You may re-register if you wish, or if you would like me to manually add your user login information, send an email to administration [at] shinra [dot] us.

Posted by Vashnik of Shinra :: 2009-12-06 03:09:15 CST


Time to change layouts.

Hope you like this one.

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